Founder, Mr. Joseph Jacques DOMINICI and his son Pierre, meet Dr PUGET in Paris. Mr JJ DOMINICI was injected with fetal cells.


 History   Since 1981

Creation of LBA. A laboratory for harvesting bovine embryos is set up at Chambery (Savoie, French Alps)


The first TPR, Amniotic and Allantois extracts go on sale.


South-east Asia :

Opening of the first

export market.

Mr François MARIK,

CEO/Doctor in Pharmacy.

"Biogénèse Beauty Balance" or "B3" : first

cosmeceutical brand.

Dietary health food supplements : first launching.



Marine Frozen Cells


C3D : new skincare range 


B3 : Second generation




Bh m+d : Launching of the new softgels and nanovital.


Creation of LBA SWITZERLAND : Located at the biopole in Lausanne.


Clichy France :  New company headquarter.